We must all come to accept that in life things will not go our way, that pain will occur and that sometimes relief is far on the horizon. It is a sad truth that if not grasped will lead to much more pain than necessary. So do we live cynically and bask in our demise? Of course not. Why? Because I think we were all created for a purpose. Without jumping into too much philosophy and apologetics and all that jazz we must accept that if we do not believe in a divine design then life pretty much sucks. For the pain we are going through and even the joy we feel at time has no value whatsoever. Sure we may feel as it does, but if we stick to the belief that we are just random accidents produced by nature then that is exactly what we are. Accidents. We will then exist for no reason and our continued existence has no value whatsoever EVEN if we or others have attributed meaning to it. I mean imagine how terrible it must feel for a parent to tell a child ,”You were an accident, no one meant to have you. You kinda just happened.” Now take a moment to realize that without a Creator that is essentially the fate of us all and everything else in the universe. Not that, that realization should be a cause for faking a belief in God, but it is more than okay for that to be a reason to question if there is a God and seek Him.

So then what do we do? What do we do with the fact that we WILL suffer? That is something I have been fervently seeking an answer to… And here it is….. We place hope and faith in who God was and will be. Believe me doing that is one of the toughest things I have attempted in my life… Why? Because you have to own the situation. Because you cannot simply run away and shove your problems aside. When we realize who God was in an effort to hold on to who He will be, you are essentially blindly following; you are choosing to suffer the right way in order to pull through having grown and stretched to your limits. And I am sorry to say that it may just be a cycle that seems to never end; not that suffering will always be at hand but that every once in a while tings will not go our way, BUT it is going God’s way.

So hold steadfast friends. For we all will have moments that seem to try our very being, but hold on, when you want to give up and let go grab tighter. When you are being pushed into a corner push back, resist and fight the urge to give in. For God love’s you no matter what you are going through, and He desires that you latch on to His love and grab a hold of the peace which will come to you in knowing that He desires great things for you. Although you cry and hurt and become angry because you do not understand what is going on, think of this:

If a child asks for cookies and as his/her parent goes to hand them to his child he  notices they are moldy and so does not give them to the child, but rather hands him a cooked meal, is the parent not doing what is best? No matter how much the child cries and yells and pouts he/she has been given the best for them. And more likely than not the parent wants to hug the child and console them, but it is the child that either accepts it or rejects it.

Remember God always does the best for us, whether we see it or not. And as long as we seek God’s will all will work for the better.

God help me remember your goodness. Grant me the strength to endure trials and suffering, knowing that they are what perfects faith. Please help those in need, those who suffer and hurt; although we all go through pain and it is inevitable grant peace and understanding to us all. I cannot reach out to everyone but You can equip others to help guide people to your rest. I know full and well that faith is a tough thing to have and keep, and I will continue to fight to hold on to You. Allow others to realize this walk is a fight and doesn’t come easy for anyone for it is a normal occurence to doubt and have fear, whether it seems that way or not. And our faith is perfected with the battles we face.

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