I Am Alive

Talk about changing leaves and naked trees. Life has been intense but as always I have pulled through and have conquered. I am not quite sure how I was able to get through all of that which has occurred in the short span of time since I have last written (well I guess that’s a small lie, God’s grace and love has guided me), but I am alive.

I will not try to recap in detail all that I have been delighted to encounter nor that which I have had to push through at the present moment, but I will say that God’s grace has never been so “real” to me. I am traveling two hours a day 3 days a week to attend the university I am attending, at which I am taking 18 credit hours, while working Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday (40 hours), all the while dealing with quite a bit of a dysfunctional family.

I will say this though, I have held onto to the decision I made with cutting things out of my life that will not be of benefit and cutting ties with people that are not either adding to my life or reciprocal.

Anywho, I have one more paper to write and one more final to study for. I will be back really soon. I hope you are all doing well,and if not that you are able to see the good in this bad.

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