“When the whole world feels like it’s falling around you, remember. Remember that it is not yours to catch not your burden to carry. Let it fall and build upon the rubble. ”

The reason behind this doesn’t matter, the issues underlying my emotions don’t matter. What matters is that this feeling is universal, that I am not alone. And to you, you who shares in my pain, I say, “Let it fall”. The weight you carry, the pain you feel, the numbness that pervades….Let it all fall to the ground. Whether you believe in God and Jesus or not, it is not yours to carry. Some let the bottle carry it, some let the needle carry it, some let their lust carry it. But I tell you now, they are not capable of bearing the weight; for if they were you wouldn’t need to continue to indulge in them….If so that ONE bottle, that ONE needle, that ONE man/woman would have been enough…but they aren’t you need more and more and more and more. They need to continually pay for your pain, they need to continually be made a substitute for your misfortune or misbehavior. But Christ, has paid the price, He has become a substitute, whether we embrace it or not. In not embracing it we go through with unnecessary payment, we charge to the card of life twice; a debt that has already been paid through His life of righteousness. A payment He speaks of, and lives by. Let Him be the One who carries your weight, who heals your pain, who thaws the numbness of your heart, and in the end holds the burden of those who are hard pressed to carry on.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Jesus (Matthew 11:28)

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