If Sin Weren’t On A Pedestal

I wrote this on my FB wall the other day and thought I would share it:

This is probably going to get me crucified (no pun intended), but if sin wasn’t placed on a pedestal it would be so much easier to follow God and encourage and help others.

Now to explain: I do not think “Hey it’s NBD just do w.e” what I mean is that sin as how it’s viewed today in age doesn’t resemble the sin which the Jewish people and their Scripture understood it to be. Sin shouldn’t be seen as single action that causes separation, but as a state of being/of the heart. Why? Because we all sin, we all mess up; sin in the Hebrew Bible and then adopted in the New Testament, took on the notion of “missing the mark”. It was an adaptation of archery, they had a target in sight they were to meet; yet as could be assumed it was not always hit. But as ANY marksman will tell you, when you miss you simply adjust; you don’t throw a fit, you don’t feel guilty and worthless, you don’t make fun or look down upon others. You are to calm down and analyze why you missed, you are to have hope in that you will progress, and you are to respect where others are at because simply because you can hit a target close to you doesn’t mean you can hit the same target further away.

So now where does that leave us? No not at working towards salvation, but with a different idea of salvation; of an idea not being a thing of placement (Heaven or hell) but of freedom. A freedom to adjust, because we are then not caught up in an eternal struggle to save ourselves, but in an everlasting form of improvement, designed to give thanks. With that in mind our lives cease to be about living up to the standard for “standards sake”.

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