Back At It

     I know this has been a very, very long term of silence, and I apologize for that. There are numerous reason for that and to cut it short, I was holding back on a lot of ideas I had because I was going to start writing for a website/blog and so did not want to “double post”. I wanted to save the very awesome things I had in mind at the time; the topics I had rising in my mind from discussions, and lectures; and simply from things that I am beginning to question about what I have been taught. Long story short, it is taking far too long to iron things out and get the details on what is to take place; honestly I think I have waited far too long and do not see it as a wise investment of my time and thoughts and work. I do want to specify, I have no ill will towards them and their site, I just do not think it would be a good decision for me at this moment.  I would rather take that time to try and revamp what I aim to do with this blog and work hard at getting this out there, up and running. Hopefully, that will mean a lot more content to come, such as collaborations or guest post here and there from other bloggers; and of course it will be a testament to how I am changing and learning and going through life. In my opinion, that last part is what is of extreme importance.

I have run into a wall when it comes to what Jesus lived out and taught. The notion of pleasing the masses coupled with social acceptance as the driving force behind actions, has resulted in an impaired ability to speak truth and live it out;it does not do Jesus justice. I hope to go a bit crazy with posting things (in the sense that I will have a bunch of things being added), but I will also be very conscious of quality. Ironically, this is being posted on New Year’s Eve and so I guess I will make this one of my many New Year’s Resolutions. Subscribe, share, and like all that you..well like. I Hope you all have a great new year ahead of you, filled with grace and peace!

Thank you God so very much for the passion I have to be true to who Your word says to be, even when I fail at holding up to it, in its entirety. Even when I fail to love You and Who You are I am brought back to Your feet embracing humility and recognizing my humanity. It is my prayer and my desire that I grow closer to You than ever before, not because this is the cliché thing to say at this time of the year but because it has been an evident need as everyday went by. I hope that I am able to make right and sound judgments and that I have the patience it takes to cultivate this site. 

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