Living Paradox

So I have failed pretty miserably at keeping with my New Year’s resolution. In my defense, school has kicked me in the face and I did not see it coming. I am actually learning new things as opposed to just “Scaffolding” (going in depth into that which I have already known. Therefore like a scaffold on the exterior of a building, simply making the structure taller). Alas, I am forcing myself to write something at least ONCE a week. Hopefully, I will have weeks were I can be productive in my procrastination (oxymoron, yes I know. But I am a living paradox ;] ) and write another piece or two.  Just as a heads up, I am planning on doing a post on fasting from a Christian perspective. There is a lot of information out there on the topic, but last semester I stumbled upon the fact that we might be doing it all wrong. Make sure you all check back in next Thursday to get a glimpse of what a true Christian fast should look like! Follow, share, subscribe and like! I hope for this hobby of mine to be as impactful to others as it has been, is , and will be for me!

Thank you God for this opportunity. I am just like anyone else, I am a normal individual seeking the holiness I should attain. I am not any holier than those around me, nor anymore justified than the next person to believe in You and the grace You have extended to all. I hope that my life will be a testimony to Your greatness, and to the fact that all You require is a willing heart. Let Your grace abound and Your peace embrace us all. Amen.

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