I was scouring the blogs on WordPress and I happened upon Zachary Pierpont’s blog and read his post titled “Proverbs Reading Challenge”. I have been on a reading plan with my wife, and let me admit we aren’t doing so well at keeping up with it. BUT we were talking about starting it up again or at the very least just jumping into a book of the Bible and reading through it.  And this seems just like the thing we can do!

Although I am 3 days behind. I want to jump into the practice of reading through the Book of Proverbs at least once a month. Proverbs has 31 chapters within it, and the days of the month commonly range from 30-31 days—with the exception of that tricky February. So it seems pretty easy doesn’t it? Pick up your Bible and read one chapter a day, with the exception of the last few days of February where you double up to make up for the “lost days”, and those months which have 30 days and require you to double up that final day.

So here is an example of what I mean:

Month Day/Ch.  
Jan. 1 / 1 2/2 …25/25 … 26/26 27/27 28/28 29/29 30/30 31/31
Feb. 1 / 1 2/2 …25/25 & 26 26/27 & 28 27/ 29 & 30 28/ 31      



I want to challenge you all, and hope you all will challenge me on as well: let’s do the “Proverb Challenge” together! For those who already have a Bible reading plan could you partner with us and add this in? For those who do not have a Bible reading plan, I challenge you to make this an introduction to integrating a Bible reading plan. It isn’t a hefty amount to read per day at all and it will help set in the habit. I would estimate that it would not take more than 5 mins to complete.

Simple enough isn’t it? And if you’re jumping in mid-month or you are behind a few days, you can either make up the chapters you have missed or continue with the chapter listed for your day (you’ll get it next month for sure). I highly recommend the first option, but this month I just want us to develop a habit!

As Christians, consistent reading of Scripture is important, how else are we to make it a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path?

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