About Coffee Bar Theology

Life is a unique and odd thing. It is dynamic, it never stays the same. What does remain is the curiosity and love of mankind.

The hope for this blog is to write with a voice and produce an atmosphere which brings the air and comfort of a chat over coffee; all while bridging the gap between academia and laity.

In the experience of the founder,there is no doubt about the fact that there is a sort of discontinuity between the academic world– the research and material composed and discussed– in comparison to what is perceived, discussed,  and experienced among those without formal theological, religious and philosophical, education and training.

It is with humility and the desire to bridge the gap, and bring both realms into communication and communion, that this site exists.


Please read what is found here with an open mind to learn; it does not mean we will all agree, but it will allow for civil and mutually edifying discussions.

Subscribe, like, share; most importantly, come be a part of our learning experience; hopefully along the way, you will benefit as well!




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