Let It Fall

Let It Fall

“When the whole world feels like it’s falling around you, remember. Remember that it is not yours to catch not your burden to carry. Let it fall and build upon the rubble. ”

The reason behind this doesn’t matter, the issues underlying my emotions don’t matter. What matters is Continue reading “Let It Fall”


I was speaking with a buddy of mine and we came across the nature of heaven. He was speaking to me about a few of the thoughts a professor of his had in regards to how heaven will be like. We were admiring and really thinking about what it would be like and something he said hit me. In as little words as possible he did the math, he compared the little time we spend here on earth and how fast time passes in relationship to being in heaven, in eternity. We think ahead and plan, sometimes even years in advance and it seems like such a long journey, but once we are there years in the future it seems as if it went by so quickly.

Then it made me think of the short time span which we live here on earth in comparison to the next life we will partake and I do not see myself or others living boldly. Keeping that in mind why do we flinch at the thought of doing or saying somethings? We should live with boldness, we should push past fear and live by courage for in the end this life was nothing but a dot on the everlasting line into eternity. Trust me, this is something I will struggle with and so many people but that is the key to the passionate life as demonstrated by many of the men and women who pioneered the early church. The concept that this short time span of preparation we call life should be lived with courage will not only benefit our spiritual life but it will enhance our relationships with other people; for we will not be afraid to ask for that which we need, we will not be afraid to speak our minds and open our hearts. With that element engraved into our being we will be able to both guard our hearts and love others as they should be loved as well as step out in boldness not only for our needs as humans but also for our calling as adopted children of God.

Who am I?

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? All questions that every individual has asked themselves multiple times throughout crucial developmental stages in life. At least from my perspective, those questions are pushed by society into our faces; it is as if we MUST know the answers or at least pretend as I we know who we are. What a great detriment that becomes to the minds of people in this nation. Focus shifts from preparing oneself and becomes ingrained in expressing oneself—a self that is lacking, a self that is handicapped and lame—and that is a place in which I have found myself in. Without realizing it, I was trying to be something/someone before I was ready. I felt the pressure to act, before I felt the stability of preparation. And one day it hit me… I discovered a way out. Care to find out how?