“Christianity looks like that—Christianity looks like love absorbing sin and death, trusting God for resurrection. Seen in the light of the Easter dawn, the cross is revealed to be the lost Tree of Life. In the middle of a world dominated by death, the Tree of Life is rediscovered in the form of a Roman cross. The cross is the act of radical forgiveness that gives sin, violence, and retribution a place to die in the body of Jesus. The world that was born when Adam and Eve in their shame began to blame, the world where violent Cain killed innocent Abel, the world of pride and power that tramples the meek and weak—at the cross that world sinned its sins into Jesus Christ. And what happens? Jesus forgives. Why? Because God is like that. In the defining moment of the cross Jesus defines what God is really like. God is love—co-suffering, all-forgiving, sin-absorbing, never-ending love. God is not like Caiaphas sacrificing a scapegoat. God is not like Pilate enacting justice by violence. God is like Jesus, absorbing and forgiving sin.”

Water to Wine by Brian Zahnd

A Farewell to Mars (Free Book)

A Farewell to Mars (Free Book)


Brian Zahnd. A Farewell to Mars. Kindle Edition. June 2014. https://www.amazon.com/Farewell-Mars-Evangelical-Pastors-Biblical-ebook/dp/B00I65455C?ie=UTF8&tag=christianbooksfree-20

Hey all! Yet another book for free from Brian Zahnd for Kindle.
The topic of this one hitting home, as a Christian living in America. It is without a shadow of a doubt that this countries rulers, and people as a whole, are fixated on violence; and the people of God are sucked into the culture’s perception of justified violence.  War is taught as necessary, and violent actions as natural to humanity and just.

If I am to be honest, I too, feel inclined to identify as falling into the group that is too easily persuaded that violence is necessary at times. But is that consistent theology? Is violence on any level what we are called to do?

Join me in the quest to find the answer to this question. Download this book for FREE, and let it be just the beginning of a journey to discovering a biblical stance on the matter.

Go download it, read it, and let’s talk about it together!